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OOC Information:
Name: Aki
Are you over 15? Yes
Contact: AIM: kuramal0ver

IC Information:
Name: Davin Carter
Canon: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Age: 25

Preincarnation Appearance: here.
Any differences: No horns, dark brown hair, caucasian skin tone.
Preincarnated History: Originally born troll Dasraa Nasati, the Psionic was a lowblood slave who was inspired to break free after hearing the speech of a troll known only as The Signless. In a caste system where worth was decided by blood, Signless spoke of equality; and in a land where cruelty was rampant, he spoke of kindness. After hearing him speak The Psionic threw down his chains and joined The Signless, traveling with him and two other trolls to try and spread his message. Unfortunately in a place where killing is common and even encouraged, a la a survival of the fittest darwinist attitude common among the ruling class, their group was eventually captured and The Signless was gruesomely executed for disrupting the social order. The consequences for attempting to change such a violent world were equally violent in nature. One of their group was sold into slavery, another escaped, and The Psionic himself was forcibly installed into the ship of Her Imperial Condescension where he served as her Helmsman. He powered the ship with his own psionic energy which was painfully pulled from his body for the rest of his life, which thanks to the Empress' own power over life, was much longer than normal.

The Psionic is only referenced during the telling of the story of the Signless in canon, and so unfortunately other than this not much is known about him.

Reincarnated History: All told in comparison Davin's life on the planet earth has been nothing but normal. Davin was born to fairly conservative parents in the middle of nowhere midwest. He grew up in a small town fairly distant from any major cities and unfortunately never really got along with any of the other kids who lived there. He had one or two good friends as a kid but that changed as they grew older and without any siblings to keep him company he grew into more and more of a loner. He began to involve himself in hobbies that didn't require personal interaction, like reading and tinkering around with his computer, not even because he particularly enjoyed doing them sometimes, but because it kept him busy.

He always had an interest in video games, and sometimes would play at other kid's houses when he was younger, but his parents were too strict and too old fashioned and thought playing them would melt his brain. The only kinds of games he could get away with playing where text based ones and other kinds of weird indie games. Now that he's older and can play them on his own he just doesn't have much interest anymore. He never really found companionship through any gaming communities, though the internet offered other kinds of friendship. He found particular interest in online tabletop roleplay communities and anonymous image boards and forums. To this day D&D is one of his favorite hobbies and talking about random shit on the local image boards he created is how he spends most of his free time.

His mother was always a particularly religious person, but kinder than most, even as strict as she was. Although she did not agree with the lifestyle choices of many people, feeling them to be at odds with her own religious beliefs, she was always more concerned with helping those less fortunate than with openly casting judgement on them. She believed very strongly in a christian sense of civic duty and was always an active player when it came to charities, fund-raisers, and other kinds of social work dedicated to helping the less fortunate. This instilled a strong sense of morality and duty in Davin as well. Although he always felt a bit like an outsider, he found real joy in helping others, so when he graduated high school he went to college to get a degree in social work attending a school relatively close to home.

Although he managed to open up a bit more socially during his college years, the fact that he was so close to home was more of an impediment on his social growth. Now that he works as a social worker in the foster care system, he still has trouble communicating with others and is almost painfully shy, though he can be assertive when it comes to the safety and future of the children he works with. The only time he really feels he can relax and be himself is when he's working on his computers, and as such most of his admittedly low income is spent on keeping his system powerful and up to date.

First Echo: His first echo was caused by a child resistant to be relocated to another foster home. In my head canon for the psionic part of his job when he was a slave was capturing and bringing other young psionics to the compound for training and assignment. This frequently meant killing their guardians and fighting the young psionics who were obviously resistant. Of course bringing a child from a foster home to be relocated is obviously a totally different circumstance, but the child's resistance would make it similar enough to trigger the echo. The result being Davin's blood turning yellow, the same blood color as his preincarnated self.

Preincarnation Personality: Given his genetic similarity to both Sollux, and Mituna both, in his youth Dasraa was headstrong, confident, and stubborn. A low blood in a highly discriminatory caste system and his power level he was likely even more prone to overconfidence than his descendant feeling a constant desire to show up those above him on the caste system. Unfortunately as his life became more challenging due to these same discriminatory practices he lost some of that confidence. Since by this point in Alternian history the enslavement of lowblooded psionics was widespread and, given the goverment's control over every aspect of life in Alternian society, likely institutionalized, there's no doubt that their training methods were quite effective and probably quite brutal. Although we have no knowledge of what these methods were, the government was more than capable of keeping the psychics under their control to the point were they did not even think of escaping or question their captivity, at least The Psionic hadn't until he heard the of the teachings of The Signless.

Having been conditioned into subservience by his highblood captors, Dasraa was forced to loose his confidence and the snarky Captor attitude so reminiscent of his genetic line. He started to use his head more to think of ways to avoid trouble, instead of getting into it, and became extremely reserved as well, doing what he had to in order to survive with Alternia's harsh way of life. I assume this only made his stubbornness even worse, given his desperate need to have some kind of power being stuck in a situation where he had none. He may not have had the ability to decide how to live his life, but he certainly had power over his thoughts. For this reason Dasraa was loathe to give in or give up, even when it became obvious his way of thinking might not be the best. He doesn't like being proven wrong and when he is he frequently is at a loss for words, responding only with quiet embarrassment and simmering frustration. This causes him to be quite argumentative, especially to anyone he views as less intelligent than himself.

After being alone for most of his life and forced to work for Highbloods he didn't respect, Dasraa can sometimes be cruel and is frequently extremely self focused. Because of this he has trouble seeing things from others points of view. It's not that he doesn't care about people, quite the opposite in fact, Dasraa has more empathy than most trolls (again an assumption based on the actions of his genetic duplicates), it's just that subconsciously in his mind the concerns and feelings of others will always be second to his own. His more caring side really came through during his travels with the Signless. After hearing the Signless speak he finally felt like he was capable of taking control over his own life, and the fulfillment that gave him enabled him to move forward, putting his cynicism and his cruel past behind him in order to help others. Traveling with Signless was his calling and through Signless' word he was able to help and comfort many people who'd been just as unfortunate as himself.

The Psionic didn't have a lot of people in his life he could call friends, and as such was extremely thankful for each one he gained while traveling with the Signless. Because of this he always clung to friendship and would do pretty much anything for a friend, no matter what the cost. His number one goal is and always was to protect those close to him and to help anyone he can.

Any differences: Now that he's grown up here on earth, Davin is not as strong or as confident as Dasraa. He's always had a sense that he was different, and has always had trouble connecting with others, so he's got a lot of loneliness and can be rather introverted. He can still be snarky like The Psionic was, and he frequently is when he is alone or upset, but he has a lot more empathy for others growing up on a place where kindness is a more common occurrence and with helping the destitute being such a critical part of his overbearing mother's philosophy. Having never really found anything about himself he could be happy with he's always searching for some kind of fulfillment he has yet to find. He's no where near as stubborn as his troll counterpart, and where The Psionic can be aggressive and passionate, Davin is sheepish and wishy washy instead. While these were traits the Psionic had always possessed the cirumstances surrounding his life as well as his extremely powerful psionic abilities molded him into stronger, more confident, and at times more reserved person. Without the molding of his harsh life on Alternia and finding his purpose in traveling with the Signless Davin, unfortunately, retained them.

Abilities: Infinite Psionic Power, including Telekinesis (moving things with his mind), Eye Lasers (shooting lasers from his eyes), Prophetic Visions of Doom (seeing how people would die in his sleep), and Hearing the Screams of the Imminently Deceased (hearing people's dying screams before they die). He's supposed to be the most powerful psionic on his planet, which in a race where psionics are so common, is really saying something. He's also pretty good with computers. He's average in almost every other manner of physical or mental ability.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person: here.
Roleplay Sample - Network: here.

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